Blockbuster At Home


With a subscription to Blockbuster at Home you open up a world of entertainment.

Subscription includes:

Access to over 100,000 Movies, Games and Shows, By Mail.

Stream Movies directly to your HDDVR

Over 25,000 Titles available at

Bring the big screen to your TV screen. DISH has joined with Blockbuster to offer customers the most extensive library of movies, shows, and games shows available online.

With Blockbuster @Home, you’ll get access to Movies, TV shows and games. Over 100,000 titles delivered to your door. Plus, you can do Blockbuster in store exchanges at your local Dallas Fort Worth Arlington Blockbuster stores. Thousands of movies available to stream on your home television. TV, computer, and iPad.  If you are you a gamer,  you’ll have access to huge library of games and platforms.

You have several ways to watch.


  • Thousands of TV shows and movies available to stream to your TV, computer and iPad with a high speed Internet connection.
  • Choose to have your movies, games, and shows mailed directly to your home. (Blu-ray rentals included)
  • In-Store Exchanges: If you don’t want to wait for your next movie to be mailed,  you can get it immediately at your local Blockbuster store. Subscription includes unlimited in store exchanges. When you’re finished viewing the DVD, you can exchange the DVD you received by mail, to your local Blockbuster and exchange it for different DVD or game. (.99 cent games or less)
  • There is no limit to the number of mail ordered discs that can be exchanged at your local participating Blockbuster location, however, you cannot exchange an in-store disc for another in-store disc. Disc’s delievered by mail may be exchanged with in-store movies including new releases, games, and Blu-ray. Upon return of the store exchange disc, the next title in your Blockbuster @Home queue will be mailed to your home.
  • Free in store movie exchanges count toward the plan’s maximum number of discs you can have out at one time. For example, if a you are on the “1 Disc Out” plan, the next disc in your queue will not be shipped until the in store movie is returned. In store video game exchanges don’t count against the your plan’s maximum, but are subject to Blockbuster terms and conditions.

How to search for movies and games.


At Blockbuster@Home™.com,  click the arrow on the Movies or Television links and a drop down menu will appear that will display the categories and genres. You then can browse through all of the categories and sub-categories.

The Search function will allow you to also do your searches by title, actor, director or keyword of all programming available at Blockbuster @Home.

You can further enhance your search with the “Filter Results” option, to help narrow the results.

Blockbuster @Home has 3,000+ movie titles available to stream to your TV, using your highspeed broadband connection and HDDVR.

Dish has over 25,000 titles available for you on Stream any to your computer with any high speed broadband connection.


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