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DIRECTV for Hotels


DIRECTV offers properties like hotels, motels, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and medical treatment centers, an amenity to your guests or residents. DIRECTV provides a large variety of programming packages and options including Sports, Premium movies, International programming, in addition to standard bulk packages. Our experts can customize a lineup specific to your needs or budget.


Hotel / Motel / Hospital TV Systems

DIRECTV systems are are available in two categories

L-Band distribution systems

In a L-Band distribution system, the TV signal is sent from the satellite dish to a panel in a distribution closet to a set top box in each room.

HD Headend Systems


Pro Idiom HD televisions are compatible with the digitally encrypted signal. This is done for security and privacy purposes.  The Headend system, Com1000 or equivilant distributes the signal through the facilities coax distribution system without the need for a satellite receiver in each room.

Local channels, sports, movies and international programming are available through Directv. Monthly programming costs are based on “per room” for hotels and motels and “per tv” for  medical facilities.

You select the number of HD SD channels desired. Programming changes can be made whenever you choose. Channel Lineups can be standardized for multiple properties.

In-House Channels can be interfaced wit the Com1000.

Video On Demand services can be added into system.

A free quote can be provided for all equipment and installation after a free inspection of your building.

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