DIRECTV SWM Technology

Directv SWM SystemsDIRECTV SWM Diagram

SWM is an abbreviation for a Single Wire Multiswitch designed for DIRECTV systems to send satellite signals on a single RG-6 coaxial cable. With home run wiring, multiple  receivers can be connected using one or more splitters. SWM LNBS and modules allocate frequency blocks for channels for the viewer’s selected programming to SWM compatible receivers. These frequency blocks have the programming guide info and the selected programming info. The receiver’s tuners are pre-assigned an individual channel during the programming guide download. SWM LNBs and modules require an external 21-29vdc power source. Broad Band Converters are not used when using MPEG4 equipment. The SWM system operates  in the frequency range between 974MHz and 1790MHz for both the programming guide and programing content to the tuner.  A maximum of 8 channels are available on a SWM LNB and a SWM8 (8 ch) module Each tuner requires 1 channel  HDDVRs  require 2 channels.

SWM Channel vs Programming Channel