DISH TV for Free to Guest Hospitals Hotels Motels

DISH for Hotels

Dish Network Free to Guest Programming for Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Medical Treatment Centers, etc,  offers  you the ability to customize your programming packages to fit your needs. Select the channels you desire. L-band or head end systems or the new Smartbox are available, including a large variety  of High Definition Channels, Sports, Premium, and International Channels.  Dish offers more than 250 channels and the most HD channels anywhere.

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High Definition Head end Systems


Head end systems store all of the electronics in a room or closet in a rack and are distributed via the building’s coax system. High Definition channels   are processed through a Floodgate system. An in-house channel, customizable channel guide, and VOD can be incorporated into this system. Remote   monitoring capabilities are available.





L-Band System

L-Band Systems are systems designed to place the satellite box in the viewing room.  The same programming flexibility is offered. You select the channels you desire from Dish’s wide variety of programming. VOD and in-house channels.




A new lost cost solution for the hospitDISH Smart Boxality industry. Smartbox is the single solution for the entire property, energy efficient,           flexibility, and requiring much less space.




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