DISH Smart Box

DISH is revolutionarizing the way video service is offered in Commercial Facilities. The Smart Box is a state of the art single system solution for every type of property. The system can be deployed in just about any type of atmosphere including: Airport Terminals, Apartments, Bars, Hospitals, Hotels, Medical Facilities, Motels, Prisons, Retirement Communities, Amusement and RV Parks. Distribution is deployed from a single location located within the facility. This system is capable of handling hundreds of HD televisions simultaneously without any extra components.

Traditional systems use floor rack that generally take up to a few square feet in the (MDF) Mainframe Distribution area. Often other providers must use additional equipment to distribute High Definition. This requires more floor space leaving little room for future expansions.


This break-thru technology includes brilliant features being:

Scalable – Slightly larger than a microwave the unit can be mounted to the wall. Deployment can be sent by means of coaxial, Ethernet, or fiber distribution network. Mix and match HD with SD for the Guest rooms, lobby, gym, and bar using a single unit.

Manageable – Wireless modem offers remote access and ongoing real-time management. Use the dashboard to keep your guests up to date on TV service.

Adaptable – Easily reconfigured for future property expansions and industry changes.

Reliable – System designed to supply back up channels when desired,

– Cost conscious – Economical and energy efficient, the unit requires less than 300 watts to operate (40) HD channels. This equates to about (3) 100W light bulbs.


Programming options:

HD over Coax is the most popular way to offer High Definition. This configuration utilizes the existing coaxial infrastructure. No need to incur extra expenses by upgrading the wiring.

HD Deployment is available for Hotel/Motels using Pro:Idiom televisions only.

Monthly pricing is based upon a per unit rate. Programming is billed at 100% occupancy rate at all times.

Video City will build a customized system to meet your property’s needs.

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