DISH Hopper

Dish Network Introduces the new Hopper, the newest innovation in HD DVR technology. Connect Secondary Televisions to a Joey and operate a True Whole Home DVR from any room in the house!

DISH HopperHopper and JoeysHopperDISH Joey

There’s a new animal in Whole-Home entertainment. DISH Introduces the Hopper, a new way to experience Whole-Home HD DVR throughout your home.

Order a HOPPER and get it FREE along with FREE installation with any qualifying package.

The Hopper allows sharing of recordings between any TV all in High Definition.  This system is a fully functional HD DVR for every TV in your home, allowing you to record pause and rewind live TV from any room. Record a movie, watch it in one room then finish watching the program in another room. You an record up to 6 channels at once using a new feature called PrimeTime Anytime. The feature allows recording up to six live channels at once during the prime evening hours.