Get the best offers on Satellite TV in Arlington Dallas and Fort Worth TX, Video City is a local authorized satellite TV dealer for Dish Network and DirecTV.  There are many benefits to having satellite service- it’s not just a case of there always being something to watch –  although this is one of the main attractions for many people, television is also the source of a great deal of information, which can be used for education as well as entertainment. Compared to cable, satellite has very competitive pricing, and is generally less expensive than cable. We service Arlington and the greater DFW area.

Directv Genie, HR44, HR34, HD DVR



Satellite TV companies have higher customer satisfaction ratings, than other pay TV providers . Response times for service are quicker and the need for service calls is less frequent. Reason being every customer has their own independent system. Repairs are easier since the problem is always localized at the customer’s location. Independent studies supports satellite customers enjoy better prices and more enhanced services than cable TV subscribers.  Transmission is with 100% digital signals, eliminating static and  interference Satellite television customers are able to enjoy free installation of the necessary satellite equipment and in most cases there is no equipment to purchase or activation fees.


Video City can tailor packages to meet your needs. With more High Definition (HD) channels and numerous sports, entertainment, and international channels to choose from, cable just can’t compete with satellite television. Enjoy exclusive offers like the NFL Sunday Ticket.

DISH offers thousands of free movies and TV shows that are available with Video On Demand. Watch your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) from any computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Included is the wide variety of music channels, in every genre, the whole family can enjoy. Retro, Classical Pop and Rock. Satellite TV offers the latest in high definition technology, the most HD channels, including your Local Arlington Dallas and Fort Worth  channels, and the latest award winning DVR technology!